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Quality Standards in Adventure Travel Guiding

Adventure Travel by its own definition protects the natural and cultural heritage of destinations, creating genuine economic activity.

Foto: Sebastián del Val

Risk Management in Adventure Travel

Any organization that provides Adventure Tourism services must manage the risks accepted and inherent to the activity. Risk management in adventure tourism is critical to your own sustainability.

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Turismo Sustentable
Sustainable travel and the future

From a global perspective, adventure tourism incorporates and promotes the values of the tourism we want - tourism that respects cultural and natural assets and protects the most vulnerable. Indeed, the expansion of adventure tourism creates immense development opportunities, particularly in remote areas and in communities where adventure travel fuels the local economy, as well as generating income and employment.

Foto: Sebastián del Val

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We are happy to collaborate with our clients, providing tools, ideas and knowledge resources for sustainable development in Adventure Tourism. Counseling is provided by a team that has both academic and research experience, as well as professional experience.


We have been training professionals in the area of ​​Adventure Tourism for many years, for some years we have extended our courses to students and professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and improve the quality of their services. We learn from every experience.


Together our staff covers different fields related to quality management in Tourism. Through Strategic Alliances, international consultants join the team, which generates a cultural exchange that enriches the work by providing our clients with a greater breadth of knowledge.