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“Knowledge is the fundamental basis to be able to innovate in a future of dizzying changes”

Guide Training

Adventure Tourism is the area of Tourism that has grown the most in the last 10 years, reflecting a turning point for destinations, as it is the type of tourism that is expected to be dominant in the future. Our team in partnership with Pandion Consulting delivers Guide Training Courses.

Risk Management

Understanding how to manage risks is vital for Adventure Tourism operators. A crisis can break out at the least expected moments, and having a clear, pre-established process can make all the difference when making difficult decisions, which often include life-threatening emergencies.

Gender Equality

In these times, the adoption of a gender perspective is a basic part of Sustainable Development plans. From our consultancy we propose training for companies and the public sector, as well as awareness talks on specific points such as: the leadership role of women, the integration of benefits for men and women from an inclusive perspective and stereotypes as well as adressing the issue of unsconcious gender bias.

Community and rural tourism

We offer training programms for rural tourism development and community tourism that involves adventure travel activities. We integrate local guides to become highly qualified on safety and quality standards. Our team also delivers training sessions on experience design and management.

Why SocompaLab

We have more than 18 years of expertise on the field, and our experts include an international groups of professionals with diverse background offering our clients an enriching experience.

What You Get

Our consulting team is international, diverse and highly commited with sustainability. We are partners that like to bring added value to every organization.